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Android Products

These Android applications are for sale in the Android Marketplace. 






Spectrum Analyzer graphically displays the waveform and frequency spectrum of sounds picked up by the Android microphone.  A demo video is available on YouTube.   

Spectrogram displays a time-history of the frequencies of the audio picked up by the smart phone microphone.  Ademo video is available on YouTube.  

BlueWhale converts very high audio frequencies (near ultrasound) and very low audio frequencies (near infrasound) to the range where human hearing is best.  A video demo of BlueWhale is on YouTube. 

HighSpeed Photography collects photos every 1/10 second.  Photos appear in Gallery.  YouTube demo 

High Speed Photography (free version) collects 30 photos in about 3 seconds.  One set of data is preserved in Gallery.

Sentimental Journeys documents activities by taking a photo every 15 minutes.  YouTube demo. 

Free version ofAudioGenerator is an Android application that produces audio tones up to 440 Hz.

AudioGenerator is an Android application that is used to produce audio tones up to 22050 Hz.  A demo video is available on YouTube.