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Why AndWaves?

Experience.  Speed.  Price.
  • The AndWaves founder has track record of producing real products
    • Starting with theory before developing a design 
    • Implementing a design to produce a working prototype 
    • Understanding that real data can be far more inconsistent than theory
      • The data do not follow a consistent statistical model
      • The equipment can have unknown or uncharacterized anomalies
    • Having the right balance of theory and empiricism.
    • Experience addressing unforeseen problems when moving from prototype to production

  • AndWaves finishes on time.  
    • The founder solves the toughest part of the problem first, so it isn't a surprise later. 

  • We care about our reputation
    • We know customers remember and talk about us. 
    • We understand that the nature of the problem can change when there are unexpected circumstances.

  • AndWaves is affordable.  
    • We are a small company that is agile and with minimal overhead.