About the founder and AndWaves

I became an engineer because I enjoy designing and building devices that help people.  

I founded AndWaves in order to have the freedom to direct my interests into markets where I can make the greatest contributions.  


The AndWaves mission is to develop products that are:

1. Useful

2. Beautiful

3. Marketed

People are busy.  They need useful products.  

Beautiful products reflect well on the users.  

There has to be some outreach so that people know about our products.  Marketing lets people know how our products can improve their lives.  


AndWaves was founded as a startup in November, 2010.  The purpose of AndWaves is to design, implement, test and bring to market useful software apps and technology products. 

During the period 2010-2012, several Android apps were written and sold on Google Play. Technical apps, such as a Spectrogram app were sold under the trade name, AndWaves. 

The technical apps were initially developed to provide data to verify a completed AndWaves implementation of a space-time adaptive processing (STAP) algorithm that can detect weak signals in structured noise.   This problem is similar to the "cocktail party" problem, that is, to hear one person speaking while there are other conversations in the background.  

In 2011 AndWaves bid an USAF contract proposing to track paint chips and small debris in low earth orbit using a track-before-detect algorithm. 

A positive outcome of this bid is that AndWaves is now a registered entity in the US government's System for Award Management (SAM).  That is, AndWaves is already setup to do business with the US government.   And because the founder has over 25 years experience in Aerospace, he is well suited to integrate aerospace and commercial technologies.

In 2012 the founder was hired by MIT Lincoln Labs to work first in cyber-security and then in biological informatics.  To ensure against a conflict of interest, AndWaves was put in "zombie" status during the period 2012-2017.  

In July 2017 the founder left MIT Lincoln Labs and AndWaves is now free to pursue new business and develop apps. 

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