Android and the Internet of Things

Altitude Readiness Management System (ARMS)    US Army

The founder wrote the ARMS app, as well as performing the Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) testing to military standards.

Lincoln Open Cryptographic Key Management Architecture (LOCKMA)   US Air Force

The founder was on the MIT Lincoln Lab team that implemented and verification tested the Lincoln Open Cryptographic Key Management Architecture (LOCKMA) system on a small embedded processor for a US Air Force project.   LOCKMA received the 2012 R&D 100 award.

The founder obtained his cryptographic background on this project. 

Commercial Android Apps

The founder has written Android tools and game apps for commercial sale.

Spectrum Analyzer graphically displays the waveform and frequency spectrum of sounds picked up by the Android microphone.

Spectrogram displays a time-history of the frequencies of the audio picked up by the smart phone microphone.  

BlueWhale converts very high audio frequencies (near ultrasound) and very low audio frequencies (near infrasound) to the range where human hearing is best.

HighSpeed Photography collects photos every 1/10 second. 

Sentimental Journeys documents activities by taking a photo every 15 minutes.

AudioGenerator is an Android application that is used to produce audio tones up to 22050 Hz.  

HappyHanukkah is a holiday game to entertain children.  

CandyCaneChristmas is a holiday game to entertain children.  


WiggleTunes entertains children with colors and sounds that are produced as the child handles the screen.  

Fashion Photo Shoot takes fashion photos every 10 seconds as you pose.